Updating The Bath: Standalone Tubs

Tuesday Apr 04th, 2017


One of the hottest interior design trends today is the standalone tub. From classic clawfoot models to more modern shapes, the tub is having a renaissance.

"A renewed interest in the freestanding tub has seen design firms rolling out an array of amazing bathtubs that are aesthetic and economically viable," said Decoist. "Bringing along with it an aura of luxury, elegance and affluence, the standalone bathtub is all about revving up the style quotient of your bathroom while you enjoy a refreshing soak! "

These tubs provide function for those who like to luxuriate in their spa retreat, but it is the style of the tub that often provides the draw.

"These tubs are favored by those who want a true focal point in their bathroom, a beautiful fixture that functions as a piece of furniture," said HGTV. "These statement pieces typically need a larger bathroom space for full effect, but with some careful planning, they can work in smaller spaces as well."

Kitchen Bath Trends adds that freestanding tubs give those who formerly had built-in shower/tub combos an opportunity to refresh, renew, and rejuvenate.

"Homeowners are starting to see that the shower/tub combo is great for efficiency, but not so much for relaxation and comfort. They relate freestanding bathtubs to a sense of self-indulgence and downtime because these tubs are much deeper and more spacious than a traditional bathtub."

Choosing a style and material is a matter of taste (and budget!), and with all the options available, it can be a challenge.

"There are acrylic, cast iron, resin, stone, stainless steel, copper bathroom tubs which vary in price," said Lushome. "Acrylic bathtubs are more affordable, and copper tubs or stone tubs are for those who are willing to spend a lot more money for creating amazing, timelessly elegant, rich and expensive bathroom design that make a statement."

Check out a few of our favorites below and get some inspiration for your bath.

A copper tub is an incredible choice in any setting. Add an indoor-outdoor element, and you have a space you may never want to leave.


Who says your tub needs to be white? A black tub provides an injection of cool.

Furniture Fashion

How about a tub for two?

News Notepad

Refinishing an old clawfoot tub allows you to bring in a bit of the old and some of the new.

Prestige Bathtub Refinishing

New shapes bring in a modern touch.


A metallic tub ties into another modern trend while turning a just-OK bathroom space into a showstopper.


A freestanding tub can stand up to any décor style. Even a brick wall makes a great backdrop.

Signature Bath

A wood bath? Why not?!

Steve Bulatovic

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