Does Your Front Door Need A Makeover?

Tuesday Apr 04th, 2017


It's been proven that the No. 1 mot valuable makeover in terms of return on investment is a front door redo. A new front door returns 96.6 percent of the cost, according to Remodeling magazine's annual Cost vs. Value report for 2014.

But not just any front door will do. Choosing the right door, and, specifically, the right color, is critical for adding value, but also for enjoying your home.

It's the first thing people see and the last one on many homeowners' to-choose list: the color of the front door," said This Old House. "But if classic green, red, and black have long been the defaults, that's beginning to change. People are starting to branch out. They realize the color of the front door introduces the world to the people inside, and it can be unexpected and playful."

Here are few ideas for a colorful, modern front door.


Black may be considered old school by some, but this hue remains “dark and dramatic…creating a classic old-Hollywood glamour look that is definitely swoon worthy,” said Style at Home.


"Go with something strong and bold that makes a statement," said House Beautiful. "This gorgeous raisin with undertones of purple and gray and brown (is) an unusual color for a front door. A little mysterious. It would wet the palate for the entry foyer."

Bright Yellow

A happy color that provides a warm welcome, yellow also "also evokes mental clarity, perception, understanding, wisdom, confidence, curiosity, humor and merriment," said Houzz. "Because it is "often identified with happiness, high energy and warmth, a lively yellow can brighten otherwise gloomy exteriors."


Standard shades of green play well with homes that are nicely landscaped, offering a complement to lush greenery and verdant gardens.

But, you can also pump it up with an unexpected shade of green for a fresh look. "We have to look twice when we pass homes with an entrance painted in this show-stopper," said Huffington Post. "While we know it won't work for every abode, it looks especially smashing with brown, grey or a raisin-colored exterior."


A turquoise door can evoke feelings of the beach or simply incorporate a lightness to your exterior. A welcoming, modern color, it is as warm as it is memorable.


According to the experts, blue doors look best with detailed architecture. "A Victorian home is a license to indulge in brilliant paint and trim choices," said DIY Network. "This style of architecture has so much detail that it takes a dark or bold color to draw your attention to the front door as a focal point."

If you're thinking of going blue, check out these tips from Houzz.


Looking for a way to really make your house stand out? "Go bold or go home," said Huffington Post.

"Nothing makes a statement quite like orange, and this not-to-be-missed hue will draw people right inside. We especially love it on a dark charcoal backdrop, which makes the color really vibrate."


For a punch of color that breathes new life into the exterior of a home, red is always a winner. Plus, the bold, passionate color "also projects a strong, confident aesthetic," said Style at Home. "For a modern look, veer away from candy apple and toward deeper shades.

For more ideas, see House Beautiful or DIY Network.

Steve Bulatovic


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