Going Exotic: Countertops With Personality

Tuesday Apr 4th, 2017


Granite, quartz, marble, concrete - there are so many relatively standard options for countertops. But what if you want something a little different? Go exotic, and you'll never be worried about someone coming over and pointing out that they have the exact same countertop in their bathroom. Make a smart choice, and even though your upfront cost may be greater, you just might get paid back in the end. "Indeed, unique kitchen countertops add a ‘wow' factor to your home,... [read more]

Stage Your Home, Including The Garage, To Sell

Tuesday Apr 4th, 2017


If you were going on an important job interview, you'd dress to impress. That's exactly what you want to do with your home, too–dress or, rather, stage to impress and sell! Selling your home requires a keen eye to make it appeal to a wide audience. That means you need to take time to make sure that your home is dressed up and ready to be shown off. I've written a lot about curb appeal and fixing up your home so that it's ready to be listed for sale, but sometimes the... [read more]

Mike 'Holmes Approved Homes' demolished due to alleged defects

Tuesday Jan 30th, 2024


"Mike Holmes Faces Backlash as 'Holmes-Approved' TerraceWood Homes Face Demolition Scandal" watch video Renowned contractor and TV personality, Mike Holmes, finds himself in the midst of controversy as the TerraceWood residential community, bearing his celebrity endorsement, is marred by poor construction, resulting in the demolition of multiple homes. The irony is palpable, given Holmes's commitment to exposing substandard workmanship in the building industry on... [read more]

Borrowed money led to a boom in pre-construction sales. It could become a problem

Wednesday Jan 31st, 2024


Amidst the surge in real estate activity driven by historically low interest rates during the pandemic, particularly in the pre-construction market across Canada, a concerning trend has emerged. Doug Hoyes, an insolvency trustee at Hoyes, Michalos & Associates Inc., highlights a "double whammy" effect contributing to difficulties faced by an increasing number of homebuyers in finalizing their purchases. As interest rates, which were lowered to 0.25% by the Bank of Canada in... [read more]



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