30 Quick and Easy DIY Home Project Ideas

Friday Jan 26th, 2024


Sharing home renovation progress on social media often compresses months of work into short videos or aesthetic photo sets. However, the truth is that extensive home projects can be draining and time-consuming, especially when stretched over a long period. If you're aiming to enhance your home without a substantial commitment, we've gathered a list of simple DIY projects that can transform the look and feel of your space without the stress. Discover our favorite one-day DIY projects and find inspiration below.

Understanding Home Improvement Projects and Their Impact on Home Value

Home improvement projects encompass upgrades to your home's interior, exterior, or other property enhancements. These projects not only influence your satisfaction with your home but, depending on the changes made, may also increase your home's value.

Distinguishing Home Improvement Projects from Home Remodels

While both home improvement projects (renovations) and home remodels involve visible changes that can enhance a property's value, renovations are smaller in scale. Renovations don't alter a home's layout significantly. In contrast, remodels are more extensive, typically pricier, and time-consuming, involving structural changes such as removing walls or adding an extension, often requiring permits, professional assistance, or even a home improvement loan.

15 DIY Home Projects for Interior Design

  1. Add an Accent Wall: Transform the feel of a room with an accent wall, using paint, an elaborate gallery wall, or shiplap.

  2. Freshen Up Your Kitchen Cabinets: Upgrade your kitchen by changing cabinet color or updating knobs and handles.

  3. Frame Family Photos: Utilize wall space by framing family photos to create a homely atmosphere.

  4. Repot Your Houseplants: Give your indoor plants a fresh look by repotting them into new planters.

  5. Reorganize The Kitchen: Clear kitchen clutter by reorganizing and creating open counter space.

  6. Install Crown Molding: Elevate any room by adding crown molding, a project suitable for experienced DIYers.

  7. Add Wallpaper: Use wallpaper to add playfulness to a room, with peel-and-stick options for an easier project.

  8. Make a Compost Bin: Promote sustainability by creating a compost bin for your kitchen waste.

  9. Expand Your Closet Space: Maximize storage with tweaks like stacked rods, upper shelves, or specialized organizers.

  10. Declutter and Donate Items: Free up space by decluttering and donating rarely used items.

  11. Add Backsplash Tiles to the Kitchen: Create a new focal point and protect your kitchen walls with backsplash tiles.

  12. Retile Your Bathroom: Refresh your bathroom by retiling, improving aesthetics, and reducing the risk of water damage.

  13. Line Drawers: An affordable and easy project to protect surfaces and add color to dark corners.

  14. Showcase Decor with Shelving: Display your unique decor with floating or free-standing shelves.

  15. Set Up a Home Office: Create a designated workspace to enhance productivity, especially with the rise in remote work.

15 DIY House Projects for Exterior Enhancement

  1. Redo The Entryway: Update your entryway for a fresh, new feel, replacing doors or adding a pergola.

  2. Update Your Mailbox: Give your yard a touch of personality by repainting, repairing, or replacing your mailbox.

  3. Pave an Outdoor Walkway: Enhance curb appeal and functionality with outdoor walkways using materials like concrete molds or stone pavers.

  4. Adorn Your Door: Extend exterior decor with seasonal wreaths, upgraded welcome mats, or potted plants.

  5. Add Color to the Front Door and Garage: Boost curb appeal by painting your front and garage doors with fresh new colors.

  6. Design a Fire Pit: Create a stylish and functional gathering space with a DIY fire pit.

  7. Improve Your Yard Space: Enhance outdoor living areas with landscaping and designated sitting areas.

  8. Make a Garden: Cultivate a garden for a rewarding hobby and colorful landscaping.

  9. Add New Light Fixtures: Illuminate your outdoor space with chic light fixtures, expanding living areas.

  10. Winterproof Your Home: Prepare for harsh winters by checking windows, doors, and insulating exposed pipes.

  11. Clean Your Exterior with Power-Washing: Reveal and remove accumulated dirt, mold, and mildew to increase the longevity of your home's exterior.

  12. Spray Paint a Yard Item: Upcycle old outdoor furniture or planters with a fresh coat of spray paint.

  13. Build an Outdoor Kitchen: Elevate outdoor living with a functional outdoor kitchen for entertaining or relaxing.

  14. Add an Accent Color: Change the exterior color palette by painting sections or repainting shutters, window boxes, or awnings.

  15. Top Your Chimney: Install a chimney cap for a polished focal point that protects your home from weather and animals.

The Bottom Line

With numerous easy and affordable DIY options, it can be challenging to decide where to start. Look around your home, identify areas that need attention, and embark on the journey of transforming your living space.


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